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Acknowledging the immense potential in aromatherapy business field, ED PINAUD Sdn Bhd is stepping its destination of venture journey into Malaysia in year 2010.

With the solely ownership of “The 5th Element Indoor Incenses”, as the pioneer of indoor incense or aromatherapy that synergized from the merging of ancient mythology with modern technology under the brand by the renowned Edouard Pinaud, the “Master Perfumer” in Paris since 1830, Ed Pinaud Sdn Bhd confidently spread the excellence of the brand in Malaysia and also other countries in years to come.

The 5th Element Indoor Incenses are carefully developed to enhance the ambiance and air quality of home and all fragrance is scrupulously developed and designed to suit every situation, regardless of season, mood or time. Refined and elegant, strong yet refreshing, serene, lively, sensual, spiritual, fruity or floral, every fragrance is carefully developed.

Ed Pinaud Sdn Bhd’s motivation comes from a desire to meet the needs of its most valued business partner, who enjoy living in fresh, healthy and comfortable surroundings. The Company’s vigor and commitment are for the growth to achieve success through the passion and confident of the company and the excellence brought by the product.

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